Cento partite sopra Passacagli – Girolamo Frescobaldi


  1. Yoann

    I am a harpsichordist in the United States (new orleans). I am always drawn to Passacaglias for the repetition of the bassline and the chord harmonies. I could listen to this type of repetition in music in many different genre (Philip Glass, Zydeco, bounce music, chaconne). And so I love to play these pieces as well. I’ve had my book of Frescobaldi Toccatas on my shelf since graduate school (1993) when I studied harpsichord with Shirley Mathews but always played the Toccatas, and never looked at this piece!! now I am going to learn it, thanks to you!! Also, what a gorgeous little instrument. I never thought you could really get that sort of beautiful sound from a virginal, I mean, to actually perform on one. I’ve always performed on harpsichords. Thanks again for sharing this video. You have inspired me

    1. thank you very much for your message
      and please, excuse this very late answer.
      this music is really amazing indeed
      and this virginal too
      I hope you’ve learn the piece since you wrote to me!


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